Foriegn Exchange Districts

It is currently three weeks after my first round of interviews with my club and after District interviews. I will admit, these were a breeze compared to the club interviews. I think the reason why is because I already knew what to expect from my first interviews, and honestly anything would be easy after the application process. When me and my parents first walked into the church where the interviews were being held, we were greeted by the District President who was very welcoming and a group of In-bound and other out bound exchange students. They were all sitting in a circle, and it was a little awkward at first. A Lithuanian boy introduced me and hugged me because the others told him to. I had no problem with this, I actaully found it entertaining. Apparently, in Lithuania they don’t hug much, so the boy has been working on hugging people. The group was very talkative and intiated me into conversation right away which I wasn’t prepared for, but handled. There were kids from Thailand and Taiwan to Finland and Germany and to Brazil and Peru and Italy. The girl from Italy goes to my school, and is always very nice. The group were all very close with eachother and I couldn’t help but feel just a teeny tiny bit out of things, though they were all extremely welcoming, and it made sense since obviously I was a stranger. I feel like I made mistakes while talking to them, but I can’t really be perfect. The whole group just talked until I was called for interviews, which I said were simply a breeze. After that, I returned to the group and we all had pizza. I’m at home and thinking all deep now about this because I’m waiting for the official call to say that I’m going to be an outbound. I’m getting all clingy and lovey towards my pets and gazing dramatically at the stars when it hit me. Everything is changing. I am really growing up. I’m not a kid anymore and that honestly terrifies me. In my small town, time can stop and it feels like nothing will ever change, but now it is, and I am scared and excited and anxious. I will just watch netflix and try to ignore my emotions as normal while I wait for my call. No one will ever read this, but it still feels good to write.


First Interview!!

So a few days ago I had my first interview and God I was nervous. First of all, me and my parents couldn’t get into the locked office and were extremely blessed when a nice banker came out and let us in. While we were in the elevator my mom gave me a scrutinizing look and wanted to check my breath. After multiple protests I finally gave in and breathed in her face as she made  a gross expression. I swear, right at that moment, the elevator doors opened and standing right there was one of my interviewers. What a great start! I didn’t even have time to compose myself before she led me in to the rest of the committee who would be deciding my fate. They first interviewed me without my parents, and I really tried my best to be perfect, but I would keep rambling and talking fast. They asked questions about why I want to go on exchange, what I do on my free time, if I could handle being alone for a year, how I would behave, ect. Then, they had my parents come in to interview them with me. My parents were surprisingly not very bad, though, they talk far more than I do. My mom rambles like me, but my dad is always just so talkative. I think those were good things, until my dad made a rather rude comment about how he didn’t want me going to certain countries just because of the religion. My mom and I were simply shocked and upset at his bluntness, but the Rotarians handled it amazingly. They even managed to help him understand certain things. The Rotarians were very kind and kept things rather light hearted. When we finally left, I felt a whirlwind of emotions hit me. They were only accepting one student and the other also interviewing for the spot was a friend of mine who had a great chance of getting it, too. I spent the rest of the night crying and breaking down because I was positive that I didn’t do well enough. Finally, two episodes of Bob’s Burgers later, I got a call from a number that I’m sure was Rotary’s. It was the women who saw me whole embarrassing breath incident in the elevator. I started crying/laughing when she said that the club had chosen me. I was estatic and couldn’t get sleep that night. Also, my friend was able to be sponsored too which was amazing. Now, I am working on the application and won’t have anymore news until districts in about three weeks.

The Start Of Studying Abroad

Surreal. Nerve-racking. Utterly and wholefully exciting. These are the things I would first use to describe the beginning of my journey to becoming a foreign exchange student. I clearly remember a little over a year ago when the idea first danced around in my head. Soon it turned from a little dance to a crazy hurricane, and with obsessive research, I knew this is something I have never wanted so much in my life. It was calling out to me like a siren, and it remained a dream in my head, that is, until now. Today I just got back from an informational meeting with my parents about Rotary Exchange and just scheduled my interview which will decide if I am going to be chosen for this or not. Half way through this meeting and my body started shaking and I just quit fighting the grin off my face. I honestly couldn’t believe that this was real and happening to me when only two days before my dad was refusing to let me go. After next Monday, I will know if this is actually a dream or not. Until then, I will be a huge, emotional, bundle of nerves anxiously waiting for my interview. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited/scared of Mondays before. I will post an update about the interview, but until then wish me luck.

Awkward First Blog

This is it

My first blog

Remember when you were little in the summer and played at the pool? Just minding your own happy buisness when that one jerk decided to pick up, and despite your begging, tosses you into the deep end. Under the water you kept frantically flailing your arms and legs just trying to reach the top, but it seemed so so far away. Right when you thought you were going to drown your head would break to the surface of the water. That’s how I feel right now. I feel like the kid at the bottom of the deep end who can’t reach air. I have so much to say and to write, but no one to listen, so I just sit in the quiet and suffocate. That’s why I decided to get a blog. I’m not sure if anyone will ever read this, but it’s better than writing in a diary. If anyone does stumble upon this, I hope my writings can cause you to relate or maybe just smile. That should be all because right now I have ten pounds of cookies to eat and homework to procrastinate on.